About Us

MBDA: Minnesota Band Directors Association

The Minnesota Band Directors Association is an organization assisting in the development of band directors and band programs in schools, colleges, and communities throughout Minnesota. It is an organization founded with a genuine spirit of dedication, and with the intent to work cooperatively with other organizations.

Statements of Purpose

  1. To assist and serve the needs of band directors in all areas of the profession and to encourage their growth and development.
  2. To advance the standards of bands by providing forums for the exchange of ideas and methods.
  3. To foster a spirit of friendliness, cooperation and communication among band directors in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and community bands in Minnesota.
  4. To cooperate with school administrations and boards of education.
  5. To cooperate and communicate with associated organizations including, but not limited to, the Minnesota Music Educators Association, the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning, the Perpich Center for Arts Education, the American School Band Directors Association, the National Band Association, and College Band Directors National Association.
  6. To encourage a genuine spirit of professional ethics and maintain a high professional attitude in all meetings and functions of the association.

Constitution and By-Laws

More information about MBDA and the Board of Directors is available:

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